Jay Jakub

Program Director, Partnerships and Advocacy

Jay joined Mars Catalyst in 2007. Since joining, he has been leading several critical components of the Economics of Mutuality, including developing and managing Catalyst’s many external thought partnerships, EoM education initiatives, etc. 

Since 2014, he has directed the multi-year joint research partnership on EoM that Catalyst has with Oxford University’s Said Business School, where Jay is a regular guest lecturer on EoM. He is the co-author (with Bruno Roche) of the EoM book, 'Completing Capitalism' (Berrett-Koehler, 2017 & CITIC Press in Chinese, 2018).

Jay is American and is based in the Mars global headquarters in McLean, Virginia, outside Washington, D.C. His doctorate is in Modern History from Oxford University (St. John’s College), he has an M.A. in International Relations & Strategic Studies from the University of Lancaster (UK), and a double-BA in International Relations / Political Science from American University in Washington, DC.