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What Is the Right Level of Profit?

As much as possible? Perhaps not. It was this question that launched our Economics of Mutuality journey. Take the quiz and see if you are wrestling with some of the same issues as us. Based on your responses, you will receive a few content recommendations that you might find interesting.


The Call for a Movement

The Economics of Mutuality is now evolving into an open movement, proposing a structured approach to help business leaders transform their business models and equipping them with the mindset, skill-set, tools, processes and capabilities to deliver superior value creation for the good of all in scalable ways.

Over the last 10 years, the Economics of Mutuality has been incubated by Catalyst within Mars, Incorporated. Therefore, its development has benefitted from the power and investment of a multinational company and its visionary leadership — as well as the capability of Catalyst to engage and collaborate with many world class academics and thought leaders. Deep foundations have been established as a result, in terms of both theory and practice.

However, if business is to become more mutual, the Economics of Mutuality now requires broader adoption and research to truly change the skill-set and mindset of business leaders. No single company, however large it may be, can drive the transformation that is needed. We must work collectively to broaden, deepen and hasten the work of transforming business into being a force for good. This is the work of the Economics of Mutuality movement.

Whether you are part of a large corporation, an NGO, a university or a government, there is an important role for you to play and we would love you to sign up to receive our communications and attend our events.

Institutions today are failing to adjust to the urgent needs of humanity. Power has shifted to multinational corporations. Therefore, the responsibility for sustainable human existence lies mainly on the shoulders of business leaders. [The leaders of Catalyst] address the right questions, economic and spiritual, while providing a vision and practical approach for making profit together with serving social, human and natural needs. [Economics of Mutuality] invites in a paradigm shift. It calls for a movement of moral, responsible leaders. Let’s move forward.

Avishay Braverman
Former President of the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Former Minister of Minority Affairs, Israel


After almost a decade of research, we’re clear that Economics of Mutuality has reached a level of maturity whereby trying to keep it only within one company will cause it to lose value. In exchange for 10 years of in-depth research and practice, we want to learn from like-minded businesses and partners. Our intent going forward is to be a catalyst to a broader movement of like-minded organisations repositioning business and entrepreneurship as a force for good without compromising on businesses reason for being.

Martin Radvan
President, Mars Wrigley Confectionery
& E.V.P Mars (Deputy Group CEO)


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